Easy, Enterprise SAP Integration - Power CAT Live

In this video, Phil sits down with Jon Gilman to discuss the latest updates in enterprise-scale SAP integration capability being introduced to Power Platform. The conversation delves into the benefits of SAP integration, as well as the future of Power Platform and its role in SAP integration.

The discussion highlights the ease of use and streamlined processes that come with integrating SAP with Power Platform, which in turn can simplify and automate business tasks. The video also touches on the importance of scalability and customization, both of which are key factors when working with enterprise-level SAP integration.

Overall, this insightful conversation offers a valuable glimpse into the world of SAP integration and how the Power Platform is evolving to meet the growing needs of its users.

So if you're interested in staying up to date on the latest developments in SAP integration, this video is definitely worth a watch!

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