Announcing Partner Center to certify and publish Power Platform Copilot connectors and plugins

Announcing Partner Center to certify and publish Power Platform Copilot connectors and plugins

Microsoft has recently announced the launch of Partner Center, which will enable partners to certify and publish Power Platform Copilot connectors and plugins. In the world of Power Platform Copilot, connectors play a crucial role in enabling seamless integration with various applications, data sources, and services. Therefore, ensuring their quality and reliability becomes paramount.

With the introduction of Partner Center, the process of certifying and publishing connectors and plugins will become automated, streamlining the entire process. This will help in reducing certification time and enabling partners to publish their solutions more quickly, thereby accelerating innovation and growth opportunities in the Copilot marketplace.

The Partner Center will provide a centralized platform for partners, where they can manage their certification and publishing workflows efficiently. Moreover, they will gain access to various resources to help them create high-quality connectors and plugins that function seamlessly with Power Platform Copilot.

This latest announcement by Microsoft reflects their continuous efforts to empower partners and drive growth in the Power Platform ecosystem. It integrates with the mission of Power Platform to enable everyone, regardless of their technical background, to leverage the power of low-code tools to build innovative solutions.

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