AOT & .NET Native: A Wild Take | AutomateValue

AOT & .NET Native: A Wild Take | AutomateValue

In this article, the author presents their unconventional opinion on the use of .NET Native AOT and its purpose. Contrary to popular belief, the author argues that its purpose is not to reduce container size, but rather to make Wasm assembly smaller, positioning Microsoft's technology for the next phase of web development.

While this may challenge preconceived notions, it highlights the importance of understanding the underlying purpose of tools and technologies in the field of web development. By questioning the status quo, new insights and possibilities may emerge, leading to more effective and innovative solutions.

So if you're interested in viewing things from a different perspective, this article may offer a fresh take that sparks new ideas and approaches to problem-solving in web development.

The post Wild take about AOT: originally appeared on Automate Value.

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