Entity not available in Modern Advanced find

Entity not available in Modern Advanced find

If you're struggling to locate an entity on the Modern Advanced Find platform, you're not alone. In this post, we'll address the issue and provide a workaround.

Microsoft introduced Modern Advanced Find, a more advanced version of the original Advanced Find, in the wave 2 update for D365 environments. However, if you've updated to the new version, you may find that custom entities are not visible in the Modern Advanced Find.

Keep in mind that this can be a confusing user experience, but the issue can be resolved through a simple workaround. This post outlines the steps you need to take to access your desired entity and offers solutions to any potential issues that arise along the way.

Therefore, if you're struggling to find your custom entity on the Modern Advanced Find platform, be sure to follow the advice outlined in this post and get back to being productive.

Read more about this issue and its solutions at the source link.

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