Highlighting Below Avg Sales per Hierarchy Level with SWITCH() and ISINSCOPE() DAX Functions in Power BI

Highlighting Below Avg Sales per Hierarchy Level with SWITCH() and ISINSCOPE() DAX Functions in Power BI

This post discusses how to use the SWITCH() and ISINSCOPE() DAX functions in Power BI to highlight below-average sales per hierarchy level. This solution was inspired by a project in which the customer had a conditional formatting requirement on a column chart that assigned conditional formatting to columns based on average values, relative to the level of hierarchy.

The scenario the post explores involves a Calendar hierarchy, and through a detailed explanation of the DAX functions and steps involved in the process, it guides the reader through building a solution to highlight sales data that falls below the average at each level of the hierarchy. Whether you're an experienced Power BI user or just starting out, this post provides valuable insights on implementing DAX functions to enhance your data visualization and analysis.

If you're interested in learning how to highlight below-average sales data per hierarchy level using SWITCH() and ISINSCOPE() functions in Power BI, this post is a must-read.

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