Exploding Measures using Tabular Editor 3

Exploding Measures using Tabular Editor 3

Tabular Editor 3 presents an opportunity to explore exploding measures and gain a better understanding of how to remove references to a measure within a dashboard. In this context, "exploding" means expanding or removing any reference to a measure inside another measure. For instance, say you have three measures: Total Sales = SUM(Sales[ExtendedAmount]), Total All Product Sales = CALCULATE([Total Sales],ALL(Products)), and ultimately, % All Product Sales = [Total All Product Sales] / [Total Sales].

To remove all connections to [Total Sales] in [% All Product Sales], you must first develop [Total All Product Sales] by expanding it. This tutorial explores the step-by-step process of using Tabular Editor 3 to accomplish this goal. By adopting these measures, you can expand your understanding of measures and refine your knowledge of all things data-driven.

Whether you are a seasoned data analyst or just getting your bearings in the field, the insights uncovered in this tutorial are valuable in refining your data visualization skills and giving you a foundation for powerful storytelling. To dive deeper into the concept of exploding measures and gain a wider perspective on how they can be applied to a variety of dashboard solutions, read the full tutorial using the link below.

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