UK Mobile Phone Validation in MS DYNAMICS CRM 2015

UK Mobile Phone Validation in MS DYNAMICS CRM 2015

This post explains how to validate UK mobile phone numbers in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015. The process of validation is critical in ensuring that the mobile phone number is in the correct format for the given country. In the Dynamics CRM, this can be achieved through the use of regular expressions.

The steps necessary to implement this validation technique are provided in detail in this blog post. First, you have to create a new field that will capture the mobile phone number. Then, a new JavaScript web resource should be created to perform the validation. Regular expressions are utilized to ensure that the phone number entered is ten digits and starts with “07”.

By following this easy-to-follow tutorial, you’ll be able to ensure that all mobile phone numbers entered into Dynamics CRM are accurate and valid according to UK standards, thus reducing potential data entry errors and improving data integrity.

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Sinha MS dynamics crm
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