Teams Webinar Graph APIs

Teams Webinar Graph APIs

Microsoft Teams is all set to unveil a new set of Graph APIs which will transform business-to-business workflows. With these APIs, syncing webinar data such as attendee names, registration, attendee duration, cancellations, etc. with third-party platforms will become possible. This data, when combined with CRMs and marketing tools, can pave the way for enriched lead generation and much more. The rollout of these APIs is expected to begin in mid-December 2023 and be completed by late December 2023 under Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 125072.

By incorporating these APIs, organizations can benefit significantly by tapping into the data shared in their Microsoft Teams ecosystem of applications. Detailed documentation and virtual event resource types are available for reference. It is recommended to update your internal documentation regarding the availability of these APIs to allow your organization to consume them and reap all their benefits.

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