Are you curious about how to save a CRM form automatically in Dynamics 365 using JavaScript? Look no further! This tutorial will guide you through the process.

Saving records asynchronously in Dynamics 365 is straightforward with the function formContext.data.save(saveOptions).then(successCallback, errorCallback);. The function can be used to save records with callback functions to be executed after the save operation is complete.
  1. To display a successful message if the save operation is completed and a failure message if not, use the following example:

    function () {
    alert("Successfully Saved!");
    function () {
    alert("Failed while saving!");

    form save 1

    form save 2

  2. The save function takes saveOptions as a parameter to specify options for saving the record.
    The saveMode property is optional and specifies a value indicating how the save event was initiated, but setting the save mode does not actually take the corresponding action. A list of supported values is available through the getSaveMode method, which can be found through the following link.
  3. The successCallback function will be called when the operation succeeds.
  4. The errorCallback function will be called when the operation fails, and the following properties will be passed:
    - errorCode: The error code
    - message: A localized error message
Previously, the script formContext.data.entity.save(saveOption); was used to synchronously save records, with the option to close the form or open a new form after the save is complete. However, this method has now been deprecated and is no longer recommended.
  1. If no parameter is passed for the save options, the record will simply be saved. This is the same as using the Save command.
  2. saveandclose: This is the same as using the Save and Close command: formContext.data.entity.save("saveandclose");
  3. saveandnew: This is the same as using the Save and New command, with a new form opening after the save is complete: formContext.data.entity.save("saveandnew");

Happy coding!

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