Custom Subgrid Using HTML Web resource

Custom Subgrid Using HTML Web resource

This blog post discusses the creation of custom subgrids using HTML web resources.

The author provides a comprehensive guide on how to create a custom subgrid, which is a grid that displays a set of data in a parent-child relationship with another grid. They explain that by using an HTML web resource, users can create a custom subgrid with unique functionalities, such as formatting, filtering, sorting, and pagination.

The tutorial walks users through the process step-by-step, from creating the HTML web resource to registering it as a custom control in Dynamics 365. This allows users to add the custom subgrid to forms and display it within a record.

The article also includes sample code snippets illustrating how to create the custom subgrid, as well as explanations of the important elements of the code. Overall, this post is a valuable resource for anyone looking to customize their subgrids in Dynamics 365 using an HTML web resource.

Find the original post at https://crm365skill.blogspot.com/2022/11/custom-subgrid-using-html-web-resource.html.

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