Query Mastodon API with Pagination and text token in Power BI

This is a tutorial about how to query Mastodon's API with pagination and text token in Power BI. Mastodon is a social network platform that utilizes open-source tools for decentralized social media. This tutorial will guide you on how to effectively query Mastodon's API using Power BI.

The video provides a detailed step-by-step guide highlighting the importance of using pagination and text token in Power BI to retrieve complete data from the API. Failure to use these parameters can lead to data loss. By following the instructions in this video, you'll be able to overcome this challenge and obtain comprehensive data that you can use for analysis.

If you're a Power BI user or a Mastodon platform enthusiast, this video provides an excellent opportunity to enhance your skills and knowledge in data querying. Check out the link to the video and start learning.

The link to the video is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biQ2XhX4wXY

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