Announcing admin-configured maker welcome experience in Power Apps

Announcing admin-configured maker welcome experience in Power Apps

Power Apps has announced a new feature that allows admins to configure welcome content for makers in the Power Apps portal. Previously, admins had to rely on other methods such as sending welcome emails, creating wikis, or setting up internal portals to educate makers, which can often be disjointed and lead to missed communication.

With the new feature, makers will now have access to a unified experience that guides them through key concepts and resources. This will not only improve the onboarding experience for new makers but also help ensure the long term success of the team. Admins can now provide valuable context, best practices, and company-specific guidance in a centralized location.

This feature is now available and can be leveraged to create a seamless onboarding experience. Power Apps continues to prioritize user experience by improving their platform and providing resources for its users.

Stay ahead of the game by utilizing this new feature and help ensure that your organization stays up to speed with the latest in Power Apps technology.

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