App-Only User.ReadBasic.All Permission is now available

App-Only User.ReadBasic.All Permission is now available

If you're a developer using Microsoft applications, you may be interested in App-Only User.ReadBasic.All permission, which allows apps to retrieve basic user properties such as ID, names, email addresses, and photos. Delegated User.ReadBasic.All permissions were previously available, but customer feedback prompted Microsoft to also provide app-only User.ReadBasic.All permissions. With this release, Microsoft has also fixed a bug which enabled apps to filter on unauthorized properties with delegated User.ReadBasic.All permissions. Apps with this permission that filter on unauthorized properties will now encounter a 403 error message. If you have an app that only needs access to basic user properties, you can consider granting it User.ReadBasic.All permission instead of User.Read.All. This update is expected to be rolled out between mid and late January 2024, and no action is needed unless an application requires access to unauthorized properties.

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