Unable to Export Solution from Dataverse/Dynamics 365 with Generic Unexpected Error

Unable to Export Solution from Dataverse/Dynamics 365 with Generic Unexpected Error

If you're facing a "Generic Unexpected Error" while trying to export a solution in Dataverse/Dynamics 365, it may be due to invalid characters in the table description. The error may read something like "Stream was not writable". This error can be resolved by checking all tables in the solution for invalid characters and removing them.

An error like this can occur when attempting to download the solution in the maker portal and through the classic solution explorer, both showing a generic unexpected error with no helpful log files.

The author of this post raised a ticket with Microsoft Support and was informed that invalid characters in the table description can commonly cause the "Stream was not writable" error. By removing the invalid characters, the solution can be exported successfully without any issues.

This solution can be particularly helpful for developers and data analysts working with Dataverse/Dynamics 365 who may face similar issues while exporting a solution.

The post also includes screenshots of the error and invalid characters in the table description for reference.

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