Episode 412 - Azure Database for Postgres

Episode 412 - Azure Database for Postgres

In Episode 412, experts Prabhat Tripathi and Sunil Agarwal are interviewed by the podcast team to discuss Azure Database for Postgres, specifically the Flexible Server SKU that recently became generally available. They delve into the comparison between Azure Database for PostgreSQL Single Server and Flexible Server, and highlight the benefits and applications of Flexible Server. The podcast provides several useful resources for listeners interested in learning more about the service. In other updates, Microsoft Azure's first Azure HPC + AI Day is covered along with other updates related to availability monitoring, predictive autoscaling, and generally available support for virtual machine level disk bursting for additional VM types.

Listen to the full podcast on the Azure Podcast website and find links to related resources mentioned in the episode.

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Episode 412 - Azure Database for Postgres

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