Azure SQL Database Ledger

Azure SQL Database Ledger

In this special episode, Pieter Vanhove joins Sarah and Michael to provide insights into the latest feature of Azure SQL Database Ledger. This new feature provides an added layer of protection against potential data tampering from high-privileged users, including DBAs, system administrators, and cloud administrators. Built into Azure SQL DB and SQL Server 2022, Ledger aims to enhance the security of data by keeping an immutable record of all transactions made on the database.

The conversation in this episode revolves around discussing the benefits of Ledger, including how the feature works, how it addresses potential security vulnerabilities, and safeguards against insider threats. Through this episode, you'll gain a deeper understanding of Azure SQL Database Ledger, which could help you keep your data safe from malicious activity.

Whether you're an experienced DBA or someone just starting with Azure SQL, listening to this podcast can provide you with a better understanding of the security measures that you can implement to safeguard your data.

The link to this episode on Spotify is https://open.spotify.com/episode/0DqQJKtgdqsbQjzxkM92HV

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