MappyField 365 is Soon Releasing 6 Outstanding Features

 MappyField 365 is Soon Releasing 6 Outstanding Features

MappyField 365 is a powerful mapping plugin for Dynamics CRM users that features remarkable abilities such as data visualization on the map, tracking on-field reps, planning routes, and more. However, MappyField 365 is about to launch six new features that will enhance mapping for everyone. Color-coded pushpins will allow users to distinguish different entities based on field values. Notes and attachments for better team collaboration, creating activities, and a CSV file format import feature will simplify the data entry process.

Moreover, the latest plugin feature will let users view the map within the account's profile on Dynamics CRM. Additionally, MappyField 365 will launch a feature allowing users to visualize an entity's related records, making it easy to scan the complex data.

MappyField 365 is an all-in-one mapping plugin aiming to meet the mapping and routing requirements of all companies, regardless of size. If you're looking for a mapping plugin for your Dynamics CRM system, you should consider MappyField 365 for the enhanced mapping experience it offers. Stay tuned for further details about the upcoming MappyField 365 features.

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Featured Articles | Dynamics Chronicles

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