Microsoft Search: New user analytics extended to Microsoft Outlook, Teams, and Office

Microsoft Search: New user analytics extended to Microsoft Outlook, Teams, and Office

Microsoft has extended its user analytics improvements to provide deeper insights and filtering capabilities for search adoption across user segments, geography, department, occupation, and search applications such as SharePoint, Microsoft Search for Bing, and Microsoft365.com. These improvements include search insights from within Windows Search, Outlook, Teams, and other Microsoft Office applications. This development helps users to have a better understanding of their searches, thus enabling them to utilize the tools and techniques available to them more efficiently.

With this update, Microsoft aims to empower its users by providing them with a more personalized and contextual search experience. By offering insights into user search behavior across the Office ecosystem, Microsoft hopes to enhance users' search experience, making it more insightful and efficient. The new user analytics capabilities will be made available in Microsoft Search and across Office applications, including Outlook and Teams.

This update was made generally available in November CY2023 on the web cloud instance, worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant). For more information regarding this update, you can check out the Microsoft roadmap ID 177894.

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