Get Date Time value from datetime field in power portal/ power page using jQuery

Get Date Time value from datetime field in power portal/ power page using jQuery

If you're working with datetime fields in Power Portal or Power Page and need to retrieve the date and time values using jQuery, this tutorial is a great resource. The tutorial provides code that helps you retrieve the date and time value from a datetime field so that you can compare it to the current date. If the retrieved date is a past date, then the submit button will not work, preventing backdated appointments from being submitted. This code provides a useful solution for ensuring that future dates are selected when submitting data in Power Portal or Power Page.

To implement this code, simply follow the steps outlined in the tutorial. With this code snippet, you can efficiently compare dates and ensure accuracy and consistency in your data submissions. So if you're looking for a solution to manage date and time values in Power Portal or Power Page using jQuery, this tutorial is definitely worth a read.

To learn more about retrieving datetime field values in Power Portal or Power Page using jQuery, check out the following link:


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