10x Apache Spark performance improvement in Microsoft Fabric

10x Apache Spark performance improvement in Microsoft Fabric

Boosting Apache Spark Performance with Small JSON Files in Microsoft Fabric. Learn how to achieve a 10x performance improvement when ingesting small JSON files in Apache Spark hosted on Microsoft Fabric.

Ian Griffiths, Technical Fellow at endjin, shares insights and techniques to overcome Spark's challenges with numerous small files, including parallelizing file discovery and optimizing data loading. Follow along for detailed steps and tips to significantly enhance your Spark data processing workflows using Apache Spark in Microsoft Fabric.

  • 00:00 Introduction to Performance Improvement in Apache Spark
  • 00:20 Understanding the Problem with Small Files in Spark
  • 00:38 Our Scenario: Performance Telemetry Collection
  • 01:20 Initial Approach and Disappointment
  • 01:40 Exploring the Root Cause
  • 05:27 Parallelization: The Key to Performance Boost
  • 08:51 Implementing the Solution in Spark
  • 12:43 Conclusion: Balancing Complexity and Performance

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