Microsoft Authenticator Lite in Outlook

Microsoft Authenticator Lite in Outlook

Microsoft is set to roll out a new feature called Authenticator Lite, which will allow users to complete multi-factor authentication for their work or school accounts using Outlook on their iOS or Android devices. This feature is set to be enabled on May 26th for all tenants unless it is disabled by the admin. The Authentication Methods policy in Azure Active Directory will be used to enable this feature. Although it is recommended that users download the Authenticator app to complete their sign-ins, users who have not downloaded the app can now approve authentication requests and receive TOTP codes in Outlook. Authenticator Lite will bring the security features of Authenticator to a convenient location. The rollout of this feature will begin in early March, starting public preview, and move to general availability in late April 2023. To prepare for this feature, admins can enable it for users from Azure Active Directory starting mid-March and enable users who are not already using the Microsoft Authenticator app or another strong authentication method at the beginning of public preview. Leaving the feature to 'Microsoft managed' during public preview will not impact users as it will remain turned off. This post was originally published on M365 Admin.

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