Announcing Public preview – System preferred multi-factor authentication method

Announcing Public preview – System preferred multi-factor authentication method

Microsoft has come up with a new solution to the challenge of users selecting different authentication methods for varying levels of security. They have announced a system-preferred authentication for MFA, which evaluates at runtime, determining which is the most secure method to use for the user, of the methods registered. Instead of having the user select a default method and being prompted for that method first every time, Microsoft will decide and prompt which among the user's registered methods should be prompted for 2nd factor, with the best method being chosen at that given point.

The feature will initially be off by default and can only be enabled using the MSGraph API. Once enabled, the user will be required to sign in using the most preferred authentication method available, allowing them to move away from less secure telephony methods. Admins will have control over the feature on/off toggle and the public preview experience will be similar to the private preview. Documentation should be reviewed in preparation for the GA, and at GA+3 months, the toggle will be taken away, and the feature will be enabled for all by default.

Overall, this new system helps ensure the right level of security by determining the most secure authentication method for the user at any given time through runtime evaluation.

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