OneNote: OneNote Copilot on Mac

OneNote: OneNote Copilot on Mac

If you're a Mac user looking for an intelligent assistant to help you optimize your note-taking workflow, OneNote Copilot on Mac is the perfect tool for you. With its natural language processing capabilities, Copilot transforms the way you interact with your notes, making it easier than ever to understand, summarize, and rewrite them for enhanced clarity and purpose.

Designed to integrate seamlessly with your Mac, OneNote Copilot offers a contextual chat experience that enables you to accomplish tasks quickly and efficiently. Whether you're preparing for a meeting or organizing your thoughts, Copilot is your perfect partner for boosting productivity and creativity on the go.

OneNote Copilot on Mac is now generally available worldwide on the Standard Multi-Tenant Cloud Instance, so start transforming the way you take notes today.

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