How to Query Log Analytics

This video tutorial demonstrates how to easily query Log Analytics without having to write a query. It provides an overview of various options available for querying Log Analytics and how to review the results obtained. This knowledge will come in handy when working with a large amount of data and when it is necessary to retrieve specific insights in a timely fashion.

The tutorial is simple to follow and informative for both novice and experienced Log Analytics users. Whether you're a data analyst, system administrator or developer, the video presents practical tips and techniques on how to work with Log Analytics and obtain desired results quickly. Additionally, it demonstrates how querying Log Analytics can be done with or without writing a query, providing flexibility and ease of use.

Overall, if you want to get the most out of Log Analytics, this tutorial is definitely a must-watch as it showcases some of the best practices when working with Log Analytics to obtain the insights you need to make informed decisions. So follow the link to the tutorial now and sharpen your skills in querying Log Analytics.

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