Loop components in Microsoft OneNote

Loop components in Microsoft OneNote

Loop components are set to revolutionize collaboration and productivity in Microsoft OneNote. Starting early April 2024 for OneNote Web and early June 2024 for the Desktop App, this new feature enables real-time collaboration by allowing users to add Loop components to their notebooks. With this new feature, users can create new components or paste a link to an existing component, bringing unstructured, collaborative content from Microsoft Teams and Outlook into OneNote notebooks. This fosters real-time collaboration and sharing, improving productivity and efficiency as users can quickly augment and recall collaborative notes within the familiar workflow of OneNote.

Tenant admins can configure cloud policies to enable/disable Loop components across Microsoft 365 for their users. Visit Microsoft Learn to learn more about how to manage Loop components in OneDrive and SharePoint. The rollout will happen automatically with no admin action required. It is recommended that admins update policies and documentations to prepare for this update.

Overall, this new feature marks an exciting new chapter in the world of OneNote collaboration, and by staying on top of updates and familiarizing oneself with the new feature, users can boost productivity and stay ahead of the curve.

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