Microsoft Loop components in Outlook Mail - #237

Microsoft Loop components in Outlook Mail - #237

In the latest episode of the Microsoft 365 Message Center, Daniel Glenn and Darrell Webster discuss the newest addition to Outlook Mail - Loop components. If you're already familiar with Live Loop collaboration in Microsoft Teams, you'll know it's a virtual canvas that lets team members collaborate on ideas and brainstorming sessions. Now, thanks to Loop components in Outlook Mail, this same portable canvas can be shared and embedded in emails, allowing for even wider participation from contributors.

This episode also covers a range of other exciting Microsoft 365 updates, including new developments in OneDrive, a Forms template for commercial users, and anonymous user support for Live Captions in Microsoft Teams. Additionally, the episode covers Section Templates now available in SharePoint Pages and unlimited audio upload minutes for web transcription on Microsoft Word.

Join Daniel and Darrell for the latest Microsoft 365 news and insights, and don't forget to connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. If you're looking for more Microsoft content, check out their respective YouTube channels, Daniel Glenn and ModernWorkMentor.

The link to the episode is provided above for your convenience.

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365 Message Center Show

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