🔴 Let's talk Microsoft Fabric - LIVE w/ Josh Caplan (May 11, 2024) (Member Chat 2nd Half)

Join us for a live discussion featuring Josh Caplan on May 11, 2024, where we'll be taking your questions about Microsoft Fabric and its various components, including Power BI. The session promises to be informative and engaging, with the opportunity for participants to directly engage with the presenter.

If you have burning queries about Microsoft Fabric or Power BI, be sure to drop them in the chat ahead of time to avoid disappointment, as we may not be able to get through all the questions.

Get ready for an insightful session that promises to deliver deep insights into Microsoft Fabric and its various capabilities, empowering you with knowledge and tools to make the most of the platform.

Don't miss this opportunity to interact and discuss a range of topics pertaining to this exciting technology. Check out the live stream on the date in the provided link.

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Guy in a Cube
Guy in a Cube

Guy in a Cube is all about helping you master business analytics on the Microsoft Business analytics stack to allow you to drive business growth. We are just...

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