Creating the Linear Gauge to Check the Status of Sales in Power BI

Creating the Linear Gauge to Check the Status of Sales in Power BI

For those looking to check the status of sales using Power BI, creating a linear gauge can be an effective solution. While Power BI already provides an array of charts and graphs, a linear gauge can offer stakeholders a high-level overview of their performance and target achievements, categorized into percentage ranges. This can be especially useful for those who prefer a broad view without having to delve into precise figures.

Although Power BI doesn't have a built-in linear gauge visual, this tutorial from Inkey Solutions offers a step-by-step guide to creating one from scratch using a combination of DAX expressions and formatting techniques. By implementing the techniques outlined in this post, data analysts can design custom linear gauges that showcase their data in a clear and visually engaging manner.

Overall, this tutorial offers valuable insights for anyone looking to enhance their data visualization skills within Power BI and create customized dashboards that effectively communicate insights to stakeholders.

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Leading Software Company in Surat India | Microsoft SQL Server Expert Consultant India
Leading Software Company in Surat India | Microsoft SQL Server Expert Consultant India

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