Ingest Data with Dataflows Gen2 in Microsoft Fabric - Learn Together

Learn about how to use Dataflows Gen2 to ingest data in Microsoft Fabric through this informative video. The video is a part of the full series that discusses Microsoft Fabric's Wave 2. To know more about other topics that are part of the series, click on the link provided in the description.

The video covers the topic of data ingestion using Dataflows Gen2, providing valuable insights and guidelines. It aims to educate the viewers on how to work with Dataflows Gen2 in Microsoft Fabric and utilize them effectively to ingest data. With this information, the viewers can easily understand data ingestion and how to use Dataflows Gen2 in their organization's workflows.

So, if you want to learn about Dataflows Gen2 and how to use them for data ingestion in Microsoft Fabric, this video is a great place to start.

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