Microsoft Power Fx: Latest updates

Dive into the world of low-code development with our curated collection of Microsoft Power Fx blogs. Stay informed about the latest updates, tips, and best practices to empower your app creation and customization using Power Fx.

Leverage Power Fx 1.0

The open-source Power Fx 1.0 is now available! This means that the language definition is stable and breaking changes will be managed and comm...

9 months ago

Power Fx in Custom API

The release of Dependent Assemblies (preview) has made it possible to use third-party libraries directly within plugins without any hacks. In ...

1 year ago

Power Fx: Introducing ParseJSON

Microsoft has introduced an experimental feature, ParseJSON, which is now available in Power Fx. Its primary function is to parse JSON strings...

1 year ago

Engage with Power Fx Open Source

In this video series, Microsoft Power Apps users can explore the latest update and its new capabilities. The focus is on Power Fx, which is be...

2 years ago

Power Fx Commanding - How to Launch Custom Page with Power Fx and JavaScript

In this video, the Power Fx Command Designer is explored to showcase how you can launch a custom page using both Power Fx and Javascript. Whil...

2 years ago
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