New Real-Time Intelligence in Microsoft Fabric | Event-based actions and insights

New Real-Time Intelligence in Microsoft Fabric | Event-based actions and insights

The new Real-Time Intelligence service in Microsoft Fabric makes it possible to quickly identify real-time indicators of issues as they occur, without manually monitoring changes in your data or writing any code. This service is built to support streaming data across IoT and operational systems, and provides high-granularity, high-volume data that enables data analysts and business users to spot potential issues before they impact the business. Additionally, data engineers can track system level changes across the data estate for better pipeline management and improvement.

Courtney Berg from the Microsoft Fabric product team joins Jeremy Chapman to explain the recent updates and how Real-Time Intelligence enhances what was already achievable with Data Activator and Microsoft Synapse Real-Time Analytics. The demonstration highlights how Real-Time Intelligence allows users to gain insights and automatically take action within a scenario with multiple live data streams across various data types. This service has several features, including the Real-Time Hub and Eventstream, which enable sophisticated logic, workflow automation, and data integration across different systems.

For more info, check out Real-Time Intelligence at https://aka.ms/RealTimeIntelligence and check out Microsoft Fabric at https://microsoft.com/fabric. If you're new to Microsoft Mechanics, this is the official video series for IT, providing informative content and demos of current and upcoming technology from the people who build it at Microsoft.  

The link to the video presentation can be found at https://sites.libsyn.com/85473/new-real-time-intelligence-in-microsoft-fabric-event-based-actions-and-insights

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