CROSSJOIN DAX Function: Server Timings & Query Plan

CROSSJOIN DAX Function: Server Timings & Query Plan

In this tutorial, you'll explore the CROSSJOIN function in DAX and its workings using the Server Timings pane and query plan. The tutorial showcases how the function creates a Cartesian product of two tables, which is a set of all possible combinations of rows from two or more tables. The CROSSJOIN function would produce a combination of all possible products of Brand and Color, even if they don't exist in the Fact table.

CROSSJOIN DAX Function: Server Timings & Query Plan

The tutorial highlights DAX code that serves as a foundation for understanding the CROSSJOIN function in DAX. The Server Timings and query plan enable you to visualize and understand efficient data modeling, which can be beneficial in optimizing application performance.

Whether you're an experienced data analyst or a beginner in DAX, this tutorial provides a great learning opportunity for boosting your data modeling and optimization skills.

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