Query Plan & Server Timings In DAX Studio

Query Plan & Server Timings In DAX Studio

If you're interested in gaining more insight into what happens behind the scenes when running a DAX query, this tutorial covering Query Plan and Server Timings in DAX Studio is for you.

Query Plan & Server Timings In DAX Studio

The tutorial explains the Query Plan option and the Server Timings option in DAX Studio, both of which can be found in the Traces pane under the Home tab. By using the Query Plan option, a connection is established with the data model in either Power BI or SQL Server Analysis Services. This connection enables you to gain insight into how the query is executed and how it interacts with the underlying data model.

The Server Timings option, on the other hand, gives you detailed information about the execution time of the query and its various components.

If you're serious about mastering data analysis using DAX Studio, this tutorial is an excellent starting point.

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