SharePoint: Out-of-the-box document library templates

SharePoint: Out-of-the-box document library templates

SharePoint users, rejoice! Creating document libraries has never been simpler with the advent of ready-made templates tailored to specific scenarios. These templates come with a pre-defined structure, metadata, and content types, enabling you to save time and ensure consistency across your content management organization.

The new Document library creation experience will be available in two locations - SharePoint Home > New > Document library and SharePoint Site > Site contents > New > Document library. With this new experience, you can create document libraries in three different ways, including blank library, from an existing library, and from templates. The three new templates available are Media library, Invoices, and Learning, with each coming equipped with predetermined schema, formatting, and views to kickstart your content management journey. Additionally, the Media Library and Invoices templates come bundled with pre-packaged flows that can be skipped or completed based on users' needs.

It is essential to educate your users that there are now more ways to create a document library and to be prepared for the rollout, which is targeted for early November 2023 in the Targeted Release and mid-November 2023 in the Standard Release.

Overall, this update will transform the document library creation process for SharePoint users, freeing up time for more important things and ensuring consistency across your organization.

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