Announcing General Availability of Block unmanaged customizations

Announcing General Availability of Block unmanaged customizations

The Power Platform team has officially made available the Block unmanaged customizations feature, a powerful setting for administrators looking to prevent unmanaged customizations in their production environments. With this setting enabled, admins can ensure that any changes to the environment must comply with approved application lifecycle management (ALM) processes, which are key to ensuring the reliability, safety and auditing of any alterations. By blocking any unmanaged customizations and the import of unmanaged solutions, admins can control the overall stability of their system, and limit the possibility of problems being introduced through non-compliant changes.

This new feature from Power Platform underscores the importance of effective ALM processes and highlights the platform's commitment to providing administrators with the necessary tools and safeguards to ensure that their systems are stable, secure, and reliable.

For admins looking for greater control over their environments, the release of this feature is exciting news indeed, and represents a major step forward in creating a secure Power Platform ecosystem. You can read more about this new capability in the official PowerApps blog.

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