Automate deployments with Power Platform Pipelines, now in preview

Automate deployments with Power Platform Pipelines, now in preview

Power Platform Pipelines have arrived, promising to revolutionize the way Power Platform and Dynamics 365 customers approach application lifecycle management (ALM). With deployment automation capabilities now built into the product, makers, admins, and developers can leverage the power of Pipelines to democratize ALM. By streamlining the process, ALM becomes more accessible to all, fostering collaboration, and speeding up deployment.

This preview allows users to create and manage pipelines for canvas apps, model-driven apps, and Power Automate with simplified authoring experience. The pipelines are triggered either on-demand or as part of triggering the action. Pipelines provides control over environment publishing behavior and dependencies between apps or flows during deployment. In addition, you can chain the actions in the creation of multiple pipelines, providing a better experience when coordinating multiple actions.

So if you're looking for a more approachable way to tackle ALM and deployment automation, Power Platform Pipelines is the answer. With its simplified authoring experience, you'll be able to streamline your pipeline creation process, fostering collaboration, and blurring the lines between makers, admins, and developers.

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