Tomas Petricek: Cultures of Programming - Episode 200

Tomas Petricek: Cultures of Programming - Episode 200

In this episode of Architect Tips, Tomas Petricek, a lecturer at the University of Kent and a partner at fsharpWorks, discusses the cultures of programming from past to present. Through his work on programming systems, the history and philosophy of computing, and his writing on functional programming, Tomas emphasizes the importance of offering new ways of thinking in fundamental work.

The episode begins with Tomas sharing his experiences at The Alan Turing Institute and discussing the history of Alan Turing. The conversation then turns to early cultures of programming and the design of languages like Fortran and ALGOL, which were intended to be universal.

Tomas also dives into the evolution of the term "programmer" and the rise of hacker culture, before sharing his thoughts on where the culture of programming is headed. He emphasizes the importance of having escape hatches in coding, given the fundamental flaws of no-code and low-code approaches.

Whether you're a programming enthusiast or just curious about the history and philosophy behind the field, this episode offers valuable insights into the complex cultures and evolution of programming over the years. Tune in to expand your understanding of this critical field.

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