Microsoft Teams devices: Cancel device operations through the Teams admin center

Microsoft Teams devices: Cancel device operations through the Teams admin center

The Teams admin center is set to receive a new feature that enables device operations to be cancelled, giving Microsoft Teams device admins even greater control over their devices. This feature will be available for Teams Rooms on Android, Teams Phones, Displays, and Panels, making it easy for administrators to remotely manage their meeting and calling devices. The rollout is expected to take place from late June to mid-September 2024, and is associated with the Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 395372. Specifically, admins will be able to cancel queued or scheduled device operations that have not yet been initiated, including device restarts, software updates, configuration updates, and remote sign-ins and sign-outs. To cancel an operation, admins can simply select the desired operation from a device's history in the Teams admin center, either from the list page or the history tab on the device page, and confirm the cancellation when prompted. Multiple operations can also be cancelled in bulk from the history tab, and any existing operations will be unaffected.

If you manage Microsoft Teams devices, be sure to stay on top of this rollout and take advantage of this new feature for more efficient and effective management.

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