Paraglider project released as open source to simplify networking within and across clouds

Paraglider project released as open source to simplify networking within and across clouds

Last week, during the ONE Summit North America, the open source project, Paraglider, was launched under the Linux Foundation. It was created by teams from UC Berkeley's NetSys Lab, Microsoft Azure Networking, Google Cloud Platform, and IBM Cloud to simplify cloud networking. Paraglider aims to streamline cloud networking across multiple cloud providers and simplify operations within cloud networks. It offers simple cloud-agnostic constructs to model connectivity and security requirements, supports multi-region and multi-cloud connectivity, and lets you use semantically meaningful names to refer to individual resources and groups of resources. Initially, it supports connecting virtual machines and entire Kubernetes clusters, automatic provisioning of NSGs/firewall rules, virtual network peerings, and VPN gateways across Azure, GCP, and IBM cloud. Paraglider is still in the early stages of development, but its positive reception suggests a prosperous future. For more information, visit the official website or the GitHub repository.

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