I always bluff in Planning Poker

I always bluff in Planning Poker

The title and description of this post are a bit unusual, but the content is quite straightforward - the author admits to bluffing in Planning Poker. The post is very short, only consisting of the same sentence repeated twice, so it's unclear whether this is meant to be taken seriously or if it's a joke. However, if taken at face value, it raises some interesting questions about the use of Planning Poker as a tool for estimating and prioritizing software development tasks. Planning Poker is often used in agile development as a way to build consensus and ensure everyone on the team is on the same page about the expected effort required for a given task. If someone is consistently bluffing in these sessions, it could throw off the accuracy of the estimates and undermine the effectiveness of the process.

Without more context or explanation from the author, it's hard to say whether this is a valid strategy or not. However, it's worth considering the potential consequences and weighing them against the benefits of accurate estimation and effective team collaboration.

The post can be found at https://automatevalue.com/short/i-always-bluff-in-planning-poker/.

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