Azure Synapse Link for SQL – how it works?

Azure Synapse Link for SQL  – how it works?

Azure Synapse Link for SQL is the latest exciting tool announced during the Microsoft Build conference. It enables connection to Azure Synapse Link from Azure SQL Database and SQL Server 2022, in addition to the previously supported Azure Cosmos DB and Dataverse database. This article explores how this new feature works and its capabilities.

The Azure Synapse Link for SQL creates a streamlined pipeline that transfers data from SQL databases to Synapse Link without any ETL process, which enables near real-time data analytics without the need to move, copy, or transfer data. This new system enables the continued use of SQL-based tools and enables real-time analytics, allowing for faster insights on your data.

The design of the Synapse Link for SQL enables data analysts to easily connect to their SQL data source and begin accessing their data within Synapse without any complex coding or configuration. The tool is user-friendly and adaptable, enabling users to customize their data analytics experience.

In conclusion, the new Azure Synapse Link for SQL is a powerful tool that significantly reduces complexity and enhances efficiency when analyzing data. With this tool, real-time insights on your data have never been easier to obtain.

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