Custom security role is not available while sharing app

Custom security role is not available while sharing app

If you're looking to share a custom model-driven app with a specific security role, you might experience some roadblocks. In this post, we explore a workaround to enable sharing your app with the desired security role.

Assuming you have already created a security role and assigned it to a user in your model-driven app, the process of sharing the app with that security role is not straightforward. The option to share the app with the custom security role might not appear, making the task seemingly impossible.

However, this post offers a solution to this problem. By following a few easy steps highlighted on the post, you would be able to share your custom model-driven app with the specific security role you have created earlier.

So, head onto the link to get step-by-step guidance on how to bypass the roadblocks and achieve seamless sharing with custom security roles.

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