Viva Connections: Apply brand colors across all Connections endpoints using themes

Viva Connections: Apply brand colors across all Connections endpoints using themes

Customizing the Connections experience has just gotten a whole lot easier with the introduction of themes. Soon users will be able to personalize the look and feel of Connections by applying their organization's brand colors across desktop, tablet, and mobile. Two ways to use this feature are available to editors who can change the color theme either via the Change the Look panel in site settings or by selecting the new Change the Look option found in the overflow menu in the Connection desktop app. Note that the latter option applies to both the Connections and home site themes. This feature is expected to be generally available to all customers by the end of February 2024. Upon release, all Connections endpoints will reflect the home site color theme except for users who have selected an accent color using the Teams admin center app customization feature for theming.

For more information on this feature, and to stay up to date on Microsoft 365 roadmap releases, check out the post on the M365 Admin blog.

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