Classic Azure Application Insights deprecated on February 29th 2024 - 7 days to go

Classic Azure Application Insights deprecated on February 29th 2024 - 7 days to go

Attention Azure users! Classic Azure Application Insights will be deprecated on February 29th, 2024, which means that there are only 7 days left to utilize this service.

If you're currently relying on Azure Application Insights in your projects, it's important to start planning your migration strategy to ensure a smooth transition to the newer version before it's too late.

This deprecation marks a shift in Microsoft's focus and dedication to providing a more streamlined and modern Azure experience. The newer Azure Application Insights boasts several improvements over the Classic version, including enhanced visualization and more advanced diagnostic tools.

As the deadline quickly approaches, it's crucial for Azure users to take immediate steps towards migrating their projects to the updated version. This blog post serves as a reminder to take action to avoid any disruption to your projects.

For more information and guidance regarding the deprecation of Classic Azure Application Insights, refer to the link provided.

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JOPX on Microsoft Business Applications and Azure Cloud
JOPX on Microsoft Business Applications and Azure Cloud

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