New FetchXML Features and Documentation

New FetchXML Features and Documentation

If you're a user of FetchXML, you'll be delighted to know that Microsoft has recently released a new set of documentation for the language that's more detailed than ever before. In addition to examples that demonstrate how to use each element of FetchXML, the documentation also draws comparisons between the language and SQL, providing insight for users who are transitioning between the two. Previously unsupported features have also been introduced in this latest iteration.

With the release of this documentation, users of FetchXML can now explore the full range of capabilities that this programming language offers. Whether you're new to the language or an established user, the examples provided in the documentation can help you streamline your workflows and accomplish more with your data.

Visit Mark Carrington's blog for more information on this exciting release, and to gain access to the new in-depth FetchXML documentation today.

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Mark Carrington - Data, D365, Diabetes, Lego, ...
Mark Carrington - Data, D365, Diabetes, Lego, ...

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