Why You’re Overwhelmed at Work

Why You’re Overwhelmed at Work

In an episode of the WorkLab podcast, Microsoft Corporate Vice President Jared Spataro and General Manager of Microsoft 365 and the Future of Work Colette Stallbaumer delve into the latest Work Trend Index report and offer insights on how AI can potentially transform work and address the issue of feeling overwhelmed in the workplace. WorkLab is a podcast series that features conversations with economists, psychologists, and technologists who examine why and how work continues to evolve.

As they discuss the Work Trend Index report, Spataro and Stallbaumer showcase how Microsoft 365 Copilot can be utilized to enhance their work experiences, shedding light on how AI can revolutionize the nature of work itself. The podcast offers an engaging exploration of the opportunities presented by emerging technologies in the realm of work.

If you're curious about the ways in which AI could revolutionize the future of work and help alleviate feelings of work-related stress and overwhelm, this episode of WorkLab is a must-listen.

You can access the podcast on Spotify at the following link: https://open.spotify.com/episode/0nDi8txj68hDQR0sTLeUas

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Everything we thought we knew about work—where we do it, when we do it, how we do it—has been turned on its head. Where is it all going, and is there a map to get us there? WorkLab is a new podcast from Microsoft that taps into data and research to guide you on the road ahead. Leaders and scientists share the company’s findings, and we’ll hear stories about how people and organizations are being transformed at this radical moment. Join us as we explore the science of work and ingenuity.

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