Harvard Business School’s Linda Hill on Practical Skills for Today’s Leaders

Harvard Business School’s Linda Hill on Practical Skills for Today’s Leaders

Linda Hill, a renowned Harvard Business School professor and chair of the Leadership Initiative, shares valuable insights on essential skills for today's leaders in this episode of the WorkLab podcast. As the corporate landscape is ever-changing, she offers practical advice on how to navigate these changes, rally teams, and build trust. She also delves into discovering personal limitations and ways to overcome them as a leader.

Whether you are a seasoned leader or aspiring to become one, Hill's counsel on management is valuable. Her expertise helps one to grow in leading one's team effectively to higher heights and achieving corporate success even in the midst of change.

Tune in to the podcast to learn more from Linda Hill.

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Everything we thought we knew about work—where we do it, when we do it, how we do it—has been turned on its head. Where is it all going, and is there a map to get us there? WorkLab is a new podcast from Microsoft that taps into data and research to guide you on the road ahead. Leaders and scientists share the company’s findings, and we’ll hear stories about how people and organizations are being transformed at this radical moment. Join us as we explore the science of work and ingenuity.

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