Power BI Custom Calendars: Calculating For Month On Month Change – 445 Calendars

Power BI Custom Calendars: Calculating For Month On Month Change – 445 Calendars

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to perform time intelligence calculations over custom calendars in Power BI. Specifically, this is relevant for those who work with 445 calendars, which is a common scenario in Power BI. The tutorial also includes a video at the bottom of the blog post for a more in-depth explanation.

The ability to perform calculations on custom calendars is crucial for users who deal with specific business calendars, such as the 445 calendar. The tutorial covers DAX calculations for month-on-month changes, which can be a powerful tool for analyzing business performance over time.

If you're a Power BI user looking to improve your data analysis capabilities, this tutorial is a must-see. By mastering time intelligence calculations over custom calendars, you can gain deeper insights into your business data and make more informed decisions.

Check out the full tutorial and accompanying video on the Master Data Skills + AI blog.

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