View merged Lead, Contact or Account details in Dynamics 365

View merged Lead, Contact or Account details in Dynamics 365

If you're looking to optimize your data merging workflow in Dynamics 365, this post is a must-read. This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide to adding a note to the timeline that thoroughly documents the merge process, including both the details of the deactivated subordinate record as well as the updated information.

While merging Lead, Contact, and Account records is a useful feature within Dynamics 365 and Dataverse, keeping track of the merge process can be challenging. When merging records, it can be hard to determine which records were merged and what information was lost or retained. However, by adding a note in the timeline, you can easily keep track of all the details and ensure a smooth workflow.

This tutorial delves into the specifics of how to add a note to the timeline to document the merge process, helping you keep accurate and detailed records that make your workflow more effective and efficient. So, if you're looking to streamline your data merging process, head over to this article and learn how to keep track of all the important details of your merged Lead, Contact, and Account records!

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Articles - Amey Holden | ABC Enthusiast & Power Platform Specialist
Articles - Amey Holden | ABC Enthusiast & Power Platform Specialist

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