Integrating Power BI with Azure DevOps (Git), part 2: Local Machine Integration

Integrating Power BI with Azure DevOps (Git), part 2: Local Machine Integration

This is the second part of a blog post series discussing the integration of Power BI with Azure DevOps, a cloud platform for software development. In the previous post, readers were given a glimpse into the history of source control systems and introduced to Git, a flexible and fast distributed source control system essential in managing code changes.

This post focuses on the next step, which is local machine integration. It dives into the specifics of setting up repositories on a local device to allow users to work with Power BI together with Azure DevOps. The post provides step by step instructions and useful tips to guide you through the process, including setting up Visual Studio Code, creating a new repository and pushing changes from the local machine to DevOps Git.

Following the content of this blog post series helps developers create a powerful workflow to boost software development. By integrating Azure DevOps and Power BI, businesses can streamline their development processes, increase collaboration and communication among team members, and ultimately deliver quality solutions to their customers on time.

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